Transportation and crane tasks for T-Mobile telecom swap for Huawei

September 2013 saw the start of the rollout of the 4G network for T-Mobile in the Netherlands. This ‘swap’, in which the equipment that was used for the 3G network is replaced by completely new equipment, is being handled for T-Mobile by Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd. Koninklijke Saan was selected as the partner for the project logistics. The project took two years in total.

The telecom provider T-Mobile wanted to switch the Netherlands from 3G to 4G in a period of two years. Huawei, the Chinese supplier of telecoms equipment to both the business and private markets, was seeking a specialist partner for the entire logistical process of this project and so it issued an invitation to tender. The contract was awarded to Koninklijke Saan.

  • Within a very short time Saan provided storage facilities and a workplace for Huawei. Here the other partners involved in this swapping over of the network assembled and prepared the equipment for transportation. The other partners on this project were Dael, LCC, Spie, HTM and Alfatech. They too used Saan’s logistics services.
    Koninklijke Saan put together a project team that kept the entire logistical process on track. This team looked after the timetabling, coordination and implementation of the storage and the internal transportation/handling. The project coordinators also provided the technical acceptances at the transmission mast locations, transportation of the equipment to them and the lifting tasks and assistance with installation at these sites. Saan supplied all the equipment required for this: forklift trucks, box vans, cranes and other ancillary equipment.

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